How USF Uses Tumblr to Reach Prospective and Current Students

I read an article yesterday about how universities are using Tumblr to reach prospective students and I couldn’t help but think of the way that the University of South Florida in Tampa successfully implements Tumblr into their social media strategy and courts students in addition to engagement with current students at the university.

Tumblr is a great website to use in your social media strategy if you’re trying to reach a younger audience. In fact, at least 50% of the audience on Tumblr is under 25. Many students use it as their personal journals, posting photos and quotes as well as music and text posts that reflect their current life. USF acts as more of a curator of content – looking through student posts for photos and positive posts, although USF does make it own posts with historical photos and updates on upcoming or past events.

Although a Tumblr post cannot be credited for offering a complete marketing strategy – it leaves a long term trail that current and prospective students can look back on as they search for the #USF hashtag on Tumblr. The only other school who seems to also pop-up in the tag is University of San Francisco.

Incorporating animated gifs and high-quality photos into posts also helps to make USF’s Tumblr posts relevant and fun for students, increasing the chance of a reblog to another Tumblr blog and a chance to reach a larger audience. It’s important to understand what tends to reblog on Tumblr in your social media strategy as certain kind of posts tend to become viral much faster than others.

If your target demographic is 25 and under, you may want to consider Tumblr as a social network to market on. The viral nature of Tumblr makes it a great resources and there is many ways you can increase traffic and interest in your website and brand using Tumblr.

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